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*Note: This event is over, but you can read an excellent review of the conference sessions, and Jay & Eric’s Transformational Branding session here: Optimization Summit Re-cap.

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Jay Ehret and Eric Brown will present their ground-breaking new seminar: Tranformational Branding: Changing the Rules of Your Business, as part of Optimization Summit on September 16th in Dallas Texas. This presentation is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are searching for meaningful differentiation and the chance to break from from the commodity herd of businesses.

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Jay Ehret and Eric Brown recently got together to preview their session and talk about transformational branding. It was recorded and broadcast on the Power to the Small Business podcast. You can listen to this recorded discussion by clicking the play button in the player below or downloading the mp3 file here: The Keys to Transformational Branding.

The Keys to Transformational Branding


In order to be different, you have to become something that?s different. That means you need to change both the internal and external perception of your business by breaking free from your industry. This is accomplished by re-framing your business into a different class of business.


It begins by asking yourself:  “What are we doing in our industry that everyone else is doing, that maybe we shouldn?t do?” Then systematically deleted those processes and systems that you are doing as a function of the old business model, and those that no longer yield a return on investment based on your new business frame.


With your new frame in place, and old functions discarded, it’s time to create some new rules. It start with an analysis of what are you not currently doing that you should be doing, given that you are now a different class of business. You re-write the rule book based on your new frame.


The biggest obstacle to transforming your business into an extraordinary, iconoclastic brand is the fear of being different. Some businesses believe they want to be different, until it’s time to pull the trigger or re-framing and new rule creation. You must conquer that fear.

If you would like to learn how to transform your business into an extraordinary brand, with true differentiation, register for Optimization Summit in Dallas, and attend our session: Transformational Branding: Changing the Rules of Your Business

September 16-17 2010 – Dallas

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