>Just about everybody in marketing has written a blog about a certain new phone by a certain big name company teaming up with another big name wireless provider. iHave decided not to follow suit.

What iWould like to blog about is everybody else blogging about this certain new phone, which iChoose not to name (even though it would almost certainly improve my search rankings).

How did this blogging hysteria happen? Is the product really that revolutionary? A year from now will we still care?

It occurs to me that the parent company of this phone that iRefuse to name is gifted with brilliant marketing minds. That is, of course, if they planned all this hype. Let’s look at how they created some of this hysteria.

First, they announced the launch of this product many months before its actual release to the public. January 9th, was the official announcement day, but small details had been leaked for months. In the process, the parent company of the unnamed phone said that it would be revolutionary.

Second, it looked cool. Graphics and videos were released showing a cool screen controlled totally by touch. The message was, if you had one of these devices, you would be able to do everything, and you would be cool.

Third, they have a track record. This company has delivered revolutionary products in the past. They have changed the way much of the world listens to music (that’s not a bad track record).

By playing their PR cards perfectly, the unnamed company of this unnamed phone has had a week long free marketing ride. They could not possibly pay for the amount of free publicity they have received from both the media and the blogosphere. i’M just glad that iStuck to my principles and did not participate.

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