Magic Spots in The Customer Experience

In his Espresso Shots of Business Wisdom series, John Moore counsels us to “Take a moment to make a moment” when dealing with customers. This advice is critical in crafting a customer experience that will get people talking about your business.

The customer experience is the launching pad for word of mouth and it is so important that we include it in our marketing model. But you should shoot for creating more than just a good customer experience, your goal is to create a memorable customer experience that your customers have to talk about. To accomplish this, you need “Magic Spots.”

Map out your customer’s experience to maximize its potential. At The Marketing Spot, we have developed a customer experience map divided into five sections: preconception, introduction, interaction, purchase, and adoption/expansion/referral. In each of these five “rest spots” on the customer experience road, you should build in one Magic Spot. This will give your customers an anchor point to remember and talk about later.

A magic spot is a specific moment that is above ordinary or good. It is a mini event that your customer will recall during a future conversation. It is the moment at Disney World where your child got to shake Mickey’s hand and get his picture taken with the big mouse. It is that free shoulder massage you got while you waited for your haircut at the barber shop.

Good service or quality products do not make a customer experience great. Instead, it is the number of Magic Spots your customers can recall as they relate the experience to their friends. Magic Spots are conduits between the customer experience and word of mouth. If you don’t create these memorable moments, you cannot expect to get word of mouth marketing about your business (at least not positive word of mouth).

Moments are what make the customer experience memorable. Think about the last great experience you bragged about to your friends. Somewhere in that story was a Magic Spot. Now compare that to the customer experience you deliver through your business. What are you Magic Spots?

Today, take a moment to make a Magic Spot for your customers.

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