Podcast: Baking, Making, Faking Word of Mouth

Episode #31 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

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Word of mouth may be the most powerful form of marketing. ft that’s true, then you need a plan. John Moore has a recipe that can spark conversation for your business. In this episode of Power to the Small Business we discuss how you can create word of mouth that gets people talking.


Guest: John Moore, WOM Enthusiast at WOMMA, The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, and Marketingologist at Brand Autopsy.
Length: 26 minutes

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Word of Mouth Show Notes

John Moore – WOM Enthusiast, WOMMA

“A company’s personality is its best form of advertising.”

“It comes down to five simple words: Remarkable things get remarked about.”

“There are two ways to generate word of mouth. You can bake it, or you can make it. You just don’t want to fake it.”

Bake it: You bake it inside how a company does business every day. It’s a part of a company’s culture.
Make it: Layer it on to the marketing mix of activities your company is doing.
Don’t fake it: Not deceiving consumers and being truthful.

  • 90% of word of mouth happens in the physical world / 10% in the digital world.
  • 76% of consumers believe that companies are untruthful in their advertising.
  • 78% of consumers trust completely or somewhat, the recommendations of other consumers.
  • 91% of people would be likely to use a product recommended by someone who had used it themselves.
  • 22% of all word-of-mouth conversations are the result of interesting ads a person sees.

Word of Mouth Books:

Anatomy of Buzz Revisited – Emanuel Rosen
Word of Mouth Marketing – Andy Sernovitz
Creating Customer Evangelists – Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba
Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing – George Silverman

Other Resources:

WOMMA downloadable resources
Word-of-Mouth Tips from Jackie Huba podcast
Creating Your Word-of-Mouth Message – from The Marketing Spot Blog
The Conversation Playbook – from The Marketing Spot Blog

Find John Moore on the web:
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Twitter: @BrandAutopsy

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