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Using Online Video to Market Your Business

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If you do a Google search for your industry in your local market, you will find that online video is under-utilized as a marketing tactic. Local businesses are just not using video, and that’s a shame. Because we are living in a video world, where nine out of ten Internet users watch online video. Online video makes your website more interesting and converts website browsers into customers.

Video on Your Website

Video helps customers make a decision where they want to shop. Here are the types of videos customers like:

  • New Product Introduction
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Assembly and installation
  • How to and tutorials
  • Personal communications from the business owner
  • Television commercials

The Tools of Online Video

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started creating video for your website. Start by spending as little money as possible to do your videos. You can upgrade equipment after you have more experience.


Audio is an important consideration when deciding on a camera. If you will have a lot of voice audio, people speaking on camera, you want to choose a camera with an external microphone jack, so that you can plug in an external, directional mic. Cameras with built in mics have limited audio quality and will capture ambient noise.

  • Flip Ultra – Shoots good video, easy to use, easy to transfer files to your computer.
  • Flip Mino HD – HD video with all the benefits of the basic flip.
  • Kodak Zi6 – VGA, HD and still pics all in one camera.
  • Kodak Zi8 – (Coming September 2009) Has a built-in external mic jack.
  • Camcorder with external mic jack – Choose a digital camcorder with a hard drive that allows you to transfer files directly to your computer.

If you choose a camera with an external mic jack, you will need to buy a microphone. I recommend a wireless microphone for greater flexibility.

Video Editing Software

Think cheap and simple when you first begin creating online video. In fact, think free. Most PC’s will have Windows Movie Maker, if they don’t you can download it for free. Macs come with iMovie. Both of these programs have what you need to get started. As you become more experienced, you can consider other programs such as Sony Vegas Movie Studio
and Camtasia.

Get Started Creating Video

Your video does not have to be a slick, Hollywood production. The content in your video is more important than the production value. The more videos you produce, the better your videos will be over time. Just get started before your competitors do!

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