>What are you selling?


Is it what your customers are buying?

Too often the focus is on the product or service. How much will we charge? How can we package it? Let’s have a sale! But let’s change the perspective, because people aren’t buying your product or service. They are buying what they get from that service.

For example, what does a pet rescue animal shelter sell? Cats, dogs? What are animal shelter customers buying? Cats, dogs? Nope. They are buying things like companionship, a new member of the family, or personal satisfaction that they are saving a life.

Now, consider your own business. What are customers buying? They are buying a feeling, an experience, status, comfort, safety, etc. They are buying what they get from your product, not the product itself. And that’s what you should be selling. It’s time to re-position how you promote yourself.

So what are your customers buying? How would you change how you sell your product?

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