The Best of Conversation

The content of the The Marketing Spot Blog is organized around the four essential spots of small business marketing as illustrated in The Marketing Circle of Life. The third of those spots is Conversation, which needs to be further divided. The three conversation components are word of mouth, social media, and PR or publicity. Listed below are the best five articles on each of the three components.


I hope you find them educational in your quest to earn conversation for your business. Please feel free to comment on any of the articles. If you would like help creating conversation for your company, please see my company website:

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can be the most powerful form of marketing you do. And in the process of creating this natural conversation, you make yourself a better business.

The Function of Word of Mouth

Conversation Starters: Creating Your Word-of-Mouth Message

Becoming a Gush-Worthy Business

Social Media

I’ve written so much about social media the past three years, probably more than I should have. I believe that social media is mostly over-hyped as a small business marketing tool. It is no more effective than other forms of marketing. It can be, but not by simple participation. Here are some of the most popular social media articles on The Marketing Spot. For more, just search “social media” in the search box in the upper-left of this blog.

The Incomplete Pinterest Guide to Marketing Your Small Business

The Science and Art of Your Facebook Posting Strategy

Peter Drucker on Social Media Marketing

Are you wasting time on social media marketing?


On the other hand, I probably have not paid nearly enough attention to getting free publicity for your business. Here are the best five articles, and I think you will find that the common thread is taking matters into your own hands.

Cracking The PR Code, Part 2: The DNA of Publicity

The Local Media PR Formula

PR: No Fluffy Puppies

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