How to be an Inbound Marketing Superstar


Want to be an inbound marketing star?

Step 1:
Set up a blog, create a Twitter account  and a Facebook Page, sign up for eZine Articles, maybe throw in a YouTube Channel, Pinterest and Instagram.

Step 2:
Start writing an Avalanche of blog articles like “Why Leadership is Important” and “10 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business” and of course the obligatory something-is-dead post, “SEO is Dead.” (Adapt this to your industry)

Step 3:
Put “Social Media Expert” in your title.

Step 4:
Tweet, tweet, tweet. Post, post, post. (At least 8 hours a day)

Step 5:
Create content everyday, every where you can.

Just one question: Why?

And I’m not asking this from your perspective, I’m asking it from the customer’s. Why should I care about all your blog posts and tweets and Facebook status updates? I know you want my money, but what do I get before I give it to you?

This is the problem with inbound marketing today. Too much focus on the tactics and tools of inbound marketing and not enough focus on delivering something beyond information. Inbound marketing activity is wasted if all you can create is superficial content.

If you want to be a real inbound marketing star:

Step 1:
Teach me something I didn’t know before.

Step 2:
Show me how to do something that’s new.

Step 3:
Stimulate an idea I didn’t have before.

Step 4:
Give me tools, not information.

Hubspot is probably the best at this, offering up free ebooks, webinars and analysis tools. In a few short years they’ve become a powerful company in their industry. How can you be the Hubspot of your industry and become a real inbound marketing star?

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