Are You an Entrepreneur?

As you consider that question, take a look at this definition,

An entrepreneur: One who shifts economic resources out of an area of lower, and into an area of higher yield.

This has been a topic of conversation around the office and amongst friends as I prepare to launch my premium membership option: The Entrepreneur’s Edge. The question has been asked; “What if some people don’t consider themselves entrepreneurs?” My opinion is that if you own a business, you should consider yourself an entrepreneur, especially if your goal is to make a profit.

Review Tim Ferris’ definition and then think about this: If you are a small business owner, then you are repackaging a set of economic resources and charging a price greater than what you paid. It’s the only way a business can survive. That means you meet the definition of an entrepreneur. Why is this important?

When you say that word, “entrepreneur,” people get this image of a hip, cutting edge mover and shaker. It’s no wonder, Entrepreneur magazine typically puts those guys on their covers, like these:

There’s no doubt these guys are entrepreneurs. But being an entrepreneur is not about how you look, it’s about what you do. You don’t even have to own a business to be an entrepreneur, but in my opinion, if you do own a business, that automatically makes you an entrepreneur.

What do you think, are you an entrepreneur? What’s your definition of an entrepreneur?

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