Technology Briefs

Friday morning I attended the Waco Chamber of Commerce Technology Briefing. The presenter was Michael Murphey of iVerse Media, a company that creates iPhone and iPad apps, specializing in comic books. Here were some of my take-aways.

Walled Gardens are OK

Apple gets a lot of criticism because they exert very tight control over their products, especially with their apps store. The only place you can get an iPhone or iPad app is in Apple’s app store. Meanwhile, Android apps are available in lots of different places. That’s fine by Apple.

Apple has a 19% mobile OS (operating system) market share. Android has 39%. How does that work out for app revenue share? Apple has an 83% share of all app store revenue, Android 5%.

Windows 7 Phones

It seems Microsoft is paying developers to develop apps for the Windows 7 mobile OS platform. Can latecomer Microsoft buy their way into the mobile market? They may not be able to overtake Apple, but Google’s Android platform looks vulnerable.

A Kindle Tablet Device?

The Kindle may be ready to move beyond monochrome e-ink with a tablet device of their own. There’s nothing confirmed yet, but with Amazon opening a Appstore for Android, combined with the rumors that they recently hired some Android developers, the speculation is that there will soon be a Kindle Android tablet. And a color one, at that.

Prepare for the Online Storage Wars

Don’t spend too much money on a hard drive, because in the future, all your stuff may be stored “in the cloud.” Apple is preparing to launch an online storage service for your music and videos, and maybe everything else too. Amazon recently beat them to the punch with their Amazon Cloud Player. Microsoft and Google are sure to follow suit.  I get my new iPad this coming week, and for this reason I ordered the smallest storage model. Most of my stuff is stored online with services such as Box and Dropbox.

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