Likes to Leads: Facebook for Business Strategy

Have you noticed that your Facebook business page can take your time, but not yield back business? Many businesses are analyzing the value of their Facebook page and asking the question:

Is Facebook worth it?

The answer is maybe. To turn that maybe into a yes, you need a strategy that turns likes into leads.


Turning likes into leads, or fans into customers, requires more than a simple presence on Facebook. That sometimes works, but not often enough to make your time worth it. You must develop a strategy that leads people to do business with you. Let’s look at three easy steps to help you develop your Likes to Leads strategy.

1. Let Fans Know What You Sell

Don’t assume that your fans know exactly what you sell. People “Like” your Facebook page for many reasons: you share valuable information, to get a discount, your brand personality, an engaging landing page. When they do become fans, it’s time for you to educate them on your product and service offerings.

This must be done subtly, because people don’t become fans to read your product brochure. But try this strategy: Once per week highlight a product or service you offer for sale. If you sell products, share a picture of the product and say; “Look at what just arrived on our shelves.”  If it’s a service,  say; “Just completed a decorating job today, a complete transformation of the formal living room.”  Share a picture, if possible.

The point is: Make sure people know what it is you sell.

2. Create Interest in What You Have to Sell

Get fans involved with your product or service to get them interested. Do more than just list the benefit of your product, help fans understand how it will benefit them. For example, an SEO firm could say, “We help you rise to the top of search engines.” ….Or they could describe how one local client got a three-fold increase in telephone inquiries because they rose to the top of Google listings.

Sometimes it just takes getting your fans involved with the product. Take a look at this posting from a local jeweler:


Fans could see themselves wearing this necklace, or buying it for someone as a gift.

3. Get Fans in the Leads Funnel

Now your fans are educated and interested, it’s time to convert them into leads. For this to happen, they must take some sort of action. But don’t leave it up to them, you must motivate them to take action. You have to actively ask or lead them to do it. How?

Here are some of the actions that turn your likes to leads:

  1. Provide an email address.
  2. Fill out a form that requests more information.
  3. Click a link to a product page on your website.
  4. Make a phone call to your office.
  5. Print a coupon.
  6. Ask a question on your Facebook page.
  7. Subscribe to your blog.
  8. Download something free, like an eBook or a how-to video that includes product involvement.

The point of all this is that you have to lead your fans through the buying process. You may even have to directly ask your fans to buy something from you. Not every day, but once per week is not an imposition on your fans. You are a business, after all. Your Facebook fans know this and will respect your sales pitch if it’s combined with other useful content.

Do you have a strategy to turn likes into leads?

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