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Being a Charismatic Brand

There are brands, and then there are Brands with a capital “C”; the brands that have charisma and draw people into them. These are the brands that don’t have to work very hard for customer traffic. Customers come, without much advertising or promotion. What makes a brand charismatic? “A Charismatic Brand is any product, service, 

Running a Business vs. Building a Brand

Most small business owners don’t launch a brand, they start a business. That, unfortunately confines them to the realm of running a business rather than building a brand. It’s a matter of perspective, but it’s an important distinction. To see why, let’s compare the two. Selling vs. Engaging Small business owners are constantly fighting the

Industry Trappings: How not to be different.

If our main goal as a business is to be different, then how come we all end up looking pretty much the same? Because really we spend more time trying to be better, rather than different. True differentiation is not about better service, more features, longer hours. It’s about creating something unexpected that changes the

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