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Running a Business vs. Building a Brand

Most small business owners don’t launch a brand, they start a business. That, unfortunately confines them to the realm of running a business rather than building a brand. It’s a matter of perspective, but it’s an important distinction. To see why, let’s compare the two. Selling vs. Engaging Small business owners are constantly fighting the

How to Write a Blog Post, Step by Step

Businesses know they should be blogging, but don’t know where to begin. Here is a basic, step-by-step process that I use to write a blog post. Step 1: Choose Your Topic The most common protest I hear about adding a blog to a business website is: “I don’t know what to write about.” Actually, finding

Breadth vs. Depth – Brand Identity

Breadth: Being broad in scope. Carrying items in many different product categories. Offering several different types of service under one roof. This means that you try to offer everything a customer might want, even if it’s only remotely related to your product or service offering. If you are a remodeling company you might do everything

>A Wing-It and a Prayer

> You know the best thing about systems? They’re free. Any small business can sit down and write a system for dealing with customers without having to pay a cent. Yet customer systems are rare. What’s not rare is winging it. Photo Credit: Digital Plus Arts & Photo This Spring, my wife and I decided

Where to Promote: Use The Media Spotter Matrix

Part 8 of Build Your Marketing Plan Series July is Build Your Marketing Plan month on The Marketing Spot blog. This is the final installment of my eight-part series on how to build an exceptional small business marketing plan. Each “lesson” of the series contains a background article, down loadable worksheets and a slidecast. This

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