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>Podcast: Bob Bly With Direct Mail Copywriting Tips for Small Business


Episode #9 of Power to the Small Business:

The internet show about small business marketing.

Writing Effective Copy for Direct Mail

Bob Bly has been called "America’s Top Copywriter." He is author of The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells. In this episode of the podcast, Bob shares the keys to writing direct mail that gets results.

Power To The Small Business – Episode #9: Direct Mail Copywriting Techniques
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Guest: Bob Bly – "America’s Top Copywriter"
Topic: Pay Per Click, Search Marketing
Length: 27 minutes

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  • What is direct response and direct mail?
  • What’s the most effective format for direct mail?
  • How to get response using direct mail.
  • Writing effective copy for direct mail.
  • What gets attention?

Show Notes:

The four biggest secrets from getting response from DM
1 Start with your customer, their fears, needs, concerns. Not with your product.
2 Find an emotional connection with your prospect, not just a factual connection.
3 The most important piece of your direct mail package is your sales letter. Never mail just a sales piece and an envelope. Always include a letter.
4 Always have an offer. What’s the incentive to respond now?

Writing effective direct mail copy
Write conversational copy in a personal me-to-you form.
2 Use short sentences and paragraphs. Avoid jargon and use plain, simple English.
3 Follow a logical order called
The Motivating Sequence

The Motivating Sequence
Do something to get attention.
2 State the problem your product solves or the need it fills for the reader.
3 Introduce your product as the solution to the problem or the answer to the need.
4 Overcome skepticism by providing proof
5 Ask for action, or ask for the order.

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