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Why Transaction Hunting Doesn’t Work

Chapter 3 of The Marketing Plan Podcast

The Four Principles of Enduring Customer Relationships

hunting transactions instead of forming customer relationships

Businesses keep chasing and chasing customers, running faster, and trying harder. But success seems just as distant as it always has been. You know you are moving, but are you making progress? Successful brand continue to prove that growth isn’t the product of chasing individual transactions, but rather pursuing relationships with customers.

So, in this chapter of The Marketing Plan Podcast, I share the principles behind customer relationships that pay, and how you can put them into action for your business. Also, customer feedback consultant Adam Ramshaw discusses how to get valuable insights and testimonials through surveys and customer feedback.

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Chapter Notes and Links:

The Four Customer Relationship Principles:

I. Understanding
II. Empathize With Action
III. Give Unconditionally
IV. Safety

The Best Way to Get Customer Feedback:

  • Ask customers straight-forward questions
  • Don’t ask any more than five questions in a survey
  • Don’t get fancy or complicated, just ask customers what they think about you
  • Allow customers to give you feedback in an open text box.

The Best Survey Questions:

  • On a scale of 1-10 how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  • Please tell us why you gave us that answer.
  • How responsive was our business?

The Best Way to Get Testimonials

Simply ask the customers who gave you a high score to give you a testimonial.

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Customer Feedback Tools For Small Business:
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Are Customer Relationships Really Built Through Conversation?

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