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The Marketing Spot 101

Turning Entrepreneurs into Marketers

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Marketing Education for Entrepreneurs

The Marketing Spot blog is a marketing education blog for entrepreneurs. But after three years and more than 500 articles, it’s a little tough to figure out where to start. So I’m going to point you in the right direction.

The content of this blog is organized around the Four Essential Spots of Marketing:

Branding :: Who you are.

Experience :: What your customers experience.

Conversation :: Inspiring word of mouth and conversation about your business.

Promotion :: Everything you do to actively promote your business.

Start Here

All your marketing activity is connected to, and dependent on, all the other essential spots. In constructing a marketing plan, they must be addressed in a particular order. You must start with branding and move through the sequence above. I have created a diagram to illustrate the connectedness of the marketing spots and explain each spot in detail in this article called: The Marketing Circle of Life. It’s the first thing you should read on this blog.

After reading that article you can begin learning the fundamentals of each spot. From my collection of more than 500 articles, I have assembled the best for each marketing spot. I recommend you read the articles in sequence as you move through each spot in order below:

The Best in Branding

– A collection of 10 articles that help you understand what a brand is, what are brand components, and how you can build your own brand identity.

The Best of The Customer Experience – Next to building a brand, the most important marketing function is the customer experience. In this collection of 10 articles, you will learn the difference between ordinary and remarkable customer experiences, how the customer experience is a powerful marketing platform, and how to map out your own remarkable customer experience.

The Best of Conversation – Creating conversation about a business is tricky, because there are three major platforms of conversation. In this collection of 15 articles you will learn how to stimulate word of mouth, and use social media and PR to generate talk about your business.

The Best of Promotion – This collection of 10 articles will help you understand how to advertise and promote your business including traditional advertising, internet advertising, guerrilla promotion and most importantly, your marketing message.

Dive In Here

If you have read all the articles in the links above you are ready to build your own marketing plan. I have created a free, condensed version of my marketing coaching program, complete with audio-visual tutorials and down-loadable worksheets. This eight-part series will guide you step-by-step to building your own marketing plan. Get started here:

Build Your Marketing Plan – Eight part tutorial series from Jay Ehret that guides you to building your own marketing plan.

But There’s More

Perhaps you don’t have the time, nor the inclination to do it all yourself. Maybe your the type of person that just thinks better with other people rather than alone. You’re in luck, because It just so happens that I make my living working with entrepreneurs just like you! To learn more you, and receive a free, no-obligation initial consultation, see this information on my company website:

Coaching Services – Jay Ehret coaches entrepreneurs, helping them build a customized and specific marketing plan while teaching them the fundamental principles of marketing. It’s a marketing plan and a marketing education rolled into one.

Consulting Service If you don’t want the education part, Jay Ehret will build a marketing plan for you. If you already have a marketing plan and just need direction and ideas, you may also be interested in this service.

Seminars and Workshops

I am also available to present this information as a seminar or workshop to your conference or industry trade association event. Get more information here: Jay Ehret Speaks

Occasionally, I conduct free webinars for entrepreneurs. You can see recordings of past webinars and get notifications of new ones here: The Marketing Spot Free Webinars

Coming soon: A complete course in marketing for entrepreneurs. I will turn my coaching program into a premium comprehensive online learning program. This will not be a scaled-down version, but my complete coaching system minus personal interaction with me. Stay tuned for more details on my website: The Marketing Spot

Feel free to contact me with questions at (254) 399-8093 or email me at jay(at)

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