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Answering Marketing Questions

Acquiring Testimonials and Social Media Mistakes

Those perplexing little marketing questions, where do you get the answers? Here!

Your Marketing Questions Answered
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How Important are testimonials for businesses? Where do I get the most reliable testimonials?

Customer testimonials are a powerful business driver because they are personal recommendation for your business. And personal recommendations are the #1 driver of consumer purchase decisions. Face-to-face endorsements are best, but customer testimonials can be collected and used repeatedly to build confidence in your brand. In fact, research shows that consumer opinions posted online are the second most trusted form of advertising.

The secret to collecting testimonials is making it easy for customers to gush about your business. Don’t make them work to evangelize for you. Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Ask for a Testimonial – When a customer starts gushing about you in person, ask them if you can quote them on that and use it as a testimonial and online review for your business. With their approval, record their words and ask them to verify that’s what they said.

2. Online Comment Form – Create a contact form on your website that allows anyone to send you their opinions. While you may receive a few negative comments, research shows most feedback you get will be positive.

3. In-Store Comment Forms – Create a self-addressed comment postcard and hand them out in store.

4. Follow-up Emails – Collect email addresses from every customer who will willingly provide them and then follow up after the sale. Ask them about their experience.

What is the most common mistakes brands make when going social?

Not having a conversion strategy. There are three primary purposes to a social media presence for your brand:
1) Keeping customers engaged with the brand.
2) Customer service.
3) Converting fans into customers.

I’ve found that #3 is where most businesses struggle. How will you convert those connections you acquire on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest into paying customers? Build a conversion path that will lease your fans from Like to Purchase. This is not done by simply posting your products for sale on your Facebook page.

Coax your fans to take a conversion step: Clicking a link to get more information, signing up for your email list, setting up an appointment to learn more, calling you to discuss your product. How can you convert?

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