>Weekend Marketing Reading – Dec 22

>OK, you marketing glutton, dig in.

Word of Mouth
How to measure new business from word of mouth by Andy Sernovitz.
you ever declared: “Word of mouth is the best form of marketing I have,” but have been unable to prove it. Read Andy’s post from the Damn, I wish I’d Thought of That! blog

SherpaBlog: Should You Reveal Pricing Online? Overcoming Fear & Loathing … By Anne Holland.
When prices appear in advertising or on a company’s website, it’s rarely anything other than a sale price. But that’s not necessarily what customers want. Anne discusses the implications of putting your real prices in your advertising.

Customer Experience = Branding
New Study Asks: What’s in a Name? by Gregory Solman at Adweek.
Familiarity and affinity don’t always go together. Just because a lot of people know you doesn’t mean they want to do business with you. Instead, it’s all about the experience. And surprise, you think you’re doing a better job than your customers do.

Advertising = Branding
No One Cares About Your Socially Conscious Advertising by Todd Wasserman
“Green Marketing” is all the rage now. Big advertisers think that you’ll do business with them because they are socially conscious. Wrong, it doesn’t work that way. The good news: Consumers may feel good if they buy something they think is socially responsible. The bad news: They don’t feel bad if they don’t purchase something socially responsible.

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