reExperiencing Starbucks: A Double Shot

Helping Howard Schultz revitalize Starbucks,
one experience at a time.

For the first time in the history of the The Marketing Spot blog, it an audio/video two-for-one. No extra charge.

Part One
Power to the Small Business Blogcast: Episode 6
The internet show about small business marketing.

reExperiencing Starbucks
What’s he going to do? Former and current Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rode in on his white horse last month to rescue the coffee giant. Howard plans to reanimate the company by getting back to the Starbucks experience of old, or maybe even better.

While Howard was the wizard behind the Starbucks success until 2000, these are desperate times. Starbucks stock dipped 42% last year. So we would like to help Starbucks re-capture the magic.

Becky Carroll of the Customers Rock! blog joins Jay with suggestions for Starbucks, plus tips for you and your business.

Power To The Small Business – Episode #6: reExperiencing Starbucks

Guest: Becky Carroll – Consultant, Author of The Hidden Power of Your Customers
Length: 30 minutes


  • Is it too late for Starbucks?
  • What’s more important, the product or the experience?
  • Is there is a distinction between customer service and the customer experience?
  • How does a customer define good customer service?

Part Two
Video Blog:
reExperience Acoustics

In this chapter of reExperience Starbucks, we look at how to improve conversation at Starbucks. Listen closely, and don’t forget to check out Becky Carroll’s suggestion today at Customers Rock!

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Whether it’s the acoustics or some other suggestion, how do you think Starbucks can improve the customer experience?

Contributions for others:
– (2/22) Paul Schwartz of Customer U filled out a comment card and reports on his Starbucks Customer Feedback Exerience.
– My good friend Pat Ryan, New Media Consultant at KWTX-TV in Waco, sends me an interesting link from Sandelman Associates, Consumers speak: Top 10 highest-rated fast-food chains. Seems as if Starbucks is still impressing people despite the experience concerns.
– Doug Meacham of NextUp takes Howard to task on a couple of initiatives, including the mis-named “free WiFi,” in Starbucks – The Way I See It – Part 1


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