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Here are some of the week’s best small business marketing blog posts. They are categorized by the four spots of The Marketing Circle of Life. Enjoy and be educated.

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Promotion: Give Them Ads You Want Them To See by Cam Beck on ChaosScenario. Even if you are getting a positive return on your advertising investment, it doesn’t mean you’re advertising as efficiently as you could be. The Internet is an entirely different game and those who adapt more quickly to the changing environment will have a significant advantage over those who do not.

Branding: Eroding Brands: Credibility Gaps by Rich Becker on Copywrite, Ink. Once admired brands can become unsightly, devalued, and destroyed over time. But there is seldom a single catastrophe or issue or disagreement that will create a credibility gap. It’s all those future issues that tend to pile up on the first bit of erosion.

Conversation: There is No ROI from Social Media by Jacob Morgan on Marketing Ideas & Rants. That’s right, there is no social media ROI. Of course, there are those other things…

Experience: 37 Signals & Freshbooks Disagree on Customer Service 2.0 by Rohit Bhargava on the Influential Marketing Blog. An interesting “smackdown” of sorts going on between two leading Web2.0 companies that raises some very interesting questions about the future of customer service and what customers really want. Is email customer support enough, or do customers still long for telephone support.

July In Review – Most Popular Posts
July was the busiest month ever on The Marketing Spot, logging 19 posts including 8 of 9 installments of the Build Your Marketing Plan series. In case you missed them, here are the top three July posts:

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas: Building a brand with guerrilla packaging Guest poster Eric Brown snags top post honors for July. Read how Eric is building a hip apartment brand in Michigan using LED lights.

The Brand Promise This was the first installment of our Build Your Marketing Plan Series. Learn how to articulate the essence of your brand and build the foundation of all your marketing activities.

Is your website prepared for the mobile revolution? Don’t get too comfortable with your father’s Internet. Web browsing will be changing over the next couple of years. This podcast tells you how to prepare your website for the mobile revolution.

Coming in August
Mobile search: It’s different than regular search on the Power to the Small Business podcast
– Brain Rules for marketing: John Medina’s Brain Rules is a fascinating book and I believe it contains important marketing lessons.
– Book Learning: There are several books piling up on my desk and they all contain helpful marketing nuggets.
– Guerrilla Marketing Ideas: Eric Brown will be back with another installment on how stretch your marketing budget with non-traditional methods.

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