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At The Marketing Spot, my mission is to give power to the small business. I want you to not just survive, but thrive against big business competition. A well-crafted marketing plan is essential, because marketing is the great equalizer for a small business. A marketing plan changes the status quo. But where do you start?


I offer a full-day workshop called “DIY Marketing for Small Businesses,” during which small business owners can begin building a marketing plan that changes the status quo. On this page you will find a condensed version of this full-day workshop based on my Marketing Circle of Life. Each of the eight parts is complete with an audio/visual presentation, a short article, and downloadable worksheets. It’s all free.

If you are unable to make one of my workshops, please take the time to go through the entire process and build an effective marketing plan. If you have attended one of my workshops, use this page to refresh you thoughts and expand on the work you’ve already completed. You may also hire me to speak at your conference, chamber of commerce or business organization.

Recommended reading before you get started: All Your Marketing is Connected – Explains how all your marketing efforts work together, whether you like it or not.

Branding is the foundation of your marketing plan. Your brand not only gives you meaning, but it also serves as your internal compass of focus. Unless you build a true, meaningful brand the rest of your marketing efforts are wasted. Start here. Build a true brand. It’s easier than you think.
The Brand Promise: A shortcut to differentiation.
Your Brand Signature: Create a tagline to communicate your brand.

The customer experience is the number one factor in building customer loyalty. But the customer experience is not just about service and price. It’s about emotions and memory. Your goal is to build a remarkable customer experience that’s based on your brand, inspires loyalty and launches word of mouth.
The Customer Experience Theme: Avoid those messy customer experiences.
The Customer Experience Map: Carefully design your customer’s experience with magic spots.

Word of mouth is a function of the customer’s experience, but it doesn’t just happen. You can help it spread by identifying what you want people to talk about, and then giving them the opportunity to say it.
Conversation Starters: Define the message of your word of mouth marketing.
Conversation Playbook: Stimulating word of mouth by providing conversation opportunity.

Only after completing the previous three steps are you ready to consider promoting your business. Promotion is about two things: what you say, and where you say it.
Courting Customers
: More important than where you advertise, is what you say.
Where to Promote: Use the Media Spotter Matrix: Choose the right channel to promote your business.

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