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About Jay Ehret

A street-wise marketer who cut his small business teeth while selling and creating radio advertising for 17 years. He is now Chief Steward of the company he founded in 2001: The Marketing Spot in Waco, Texas, Jay is a small business marketing consultant, coach, speaker, and blog author, he is a branding architect, a customer experience designer, a conversation starter, and an advertising strategist. He’s also a wine lover, poker player, and Christian missionary.

Jay’s speaking stock is quickly rising.

  • Featured speaker at the 2009 National Golf Course Owners Association annual conference in New Orleans.
  • Featured speaker for the University Continuing Education Association Marketing 2.0 Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Conversation host at SXSW Interactive in Austin, texas
  • Keynote speaker for the upcoming Savannah, Georgia Small Business Chamber annual banquet.
  • Featured workshop host for the Houston Small Business Development Center

Jay lives in Woodway, Texas, (near Waco) with his wife, Carol and their two dogs, Sadie and Lucy.

Speech Topics

DIY Marketing for Small Businesses
One-day workshop during which small businesses build their own marketing plan. With a comprehensive workbook, small businesses will be empowered to market their business more effectively. Gain confidence and knowledge as you brand your business, map out a customer experience, build a word -of-mouth plan, and learn how to effectively promote your business.

Social Media for Marketing
Social media are the online social tools that everyday people use to connect, communicate and share ideas, information and products. Are they an untapped marketing oasis or marketing quicksand? Learn how to choose the most appropriate social media channel for your business and then how to effectively use it to build buzz and attract customers.

Growing in to Your Identity
For years businesses have been taught the way to succeed is to set goals. The road to success and growth is paved with the following questions: “What do I want to accomplish?” and “How do I get there?” Well, you’ve been taught wrong. Goals are largely subject to external factors like the economy. Goals are subjective. There is something more important to your success and personal satisfaction. That something is your brand. Rather than striving to reach arbitrary goals, it’s time to grow in to your identity.

Building a Powerful Brand
Branding is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. But branding is about discovery and not marketing magic. Effective marketing begins with a “true brand.” In this session we will show you how to build a powerful brand with a brand promise based on your unique character. Then you will learn how craft your best brand communication tool: the tagline. Discover your inner brand.

Mapping a Remarkable Customer Experience
The customer’s experience is the number one determinant of customer loyalty. Do you have a remarkable customer experience that inspires loyalty and launches word of mouth? In this session we will show you how carefully map out an experience that people will have to talk about. Using a customer experience map you’ll learn how to design a consistent and cohesive customer experience with magic spots.

Find Your Conversation Spark
Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. But conversation doesn’t just happen, you have to stimulate it. The secret is to give people something to say, and then give them the opportunity to say it. Jay shows you how to find your spark that will ignite conversation about your business through word of mouth, publicity, and online social media.

Court Your Customers
Advertising is courtship. But it’s not just about advertising, it’s about the total promotion of your business. Don’t waste another dollar on advertising. In this session you’ll learn how to build an effective promotional message with impact. Then you’ll learn which promotional or advertising vehicle your should use to spread your message.

Fearless Marketing
If you think you’ve got great marketing and you can’t find at least one person who doesn’t like your message, trash it. Because it’s not going to stand out. What you have is marketing that doesn’t offend anyone. What you don’t have is a great marketing. You need a dose of fearless marketing. Learn the fundamentals fearlessness, then discover how to frame and deliver your fearless message.

Contact Information

Phone: 254-399-8093
Email: Jay at themarketingspot.com
Address: 10030 Sandalwood Dr, Woodway, Texas 76712


  1. […] This is Part 1 of an eight-part series called Build Your Marketing Plan. In this segment we will learn how to create The Brand Promise. This series is a condensed version of my 17 week coaching program. Each “lesson” of the series contains a background article, down-loadable worksheets and a slidecast. You can also have this information presented to your organization as a full-day workshop, DIY Marketing for Small Businesses. […]

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