The Importance of Taglines in Branding

A tagline is an important part of branding. It can be your best brand communication tool, if done right. However, you don’t need a tagline to have a successful brand. Some great brands such as Google and Zappos don’t use a tagline.

What Taglines Do

Good taglines perform three important functions for your brand:

  1. They cut through marketing clutter and communicate your brand promise in a sticky, memorable way.
  2. They are an accountability tool in that they remind you of your own brand promise.
  3. They are the customers’ indicator of a future experience.

To learn more about taglines, here are four classic articles from The Marketing Spot archives:

You don’t need a tagline. (You need a good tagline)
Some experts say you don’t need a tagline. That’s because most taglines suck. But you can reap the rewards of this marketing tool by building a better tagline. …read the full article

A Tagline is Your Best Brand Communication Tool
A good tagline is the single-most powerful, condensed, compact expression of your brand that you can have. Here are the do’s and don’ts of tagline creation. …read the full article and listen to the podcast

The Tagline Creation Process
The rules of a good tagline: 1) Create contrast with words  2) Break a pattern  3) Imply a promise. You don’t need to be creative to be able to create your own tagline, you just need guidance, and a process… read the full article for the tagline creation process.

Your Signature
Taglines are more than just clever wordsmithing. They should be as unique and individualized as your personal signature. Your business’ signature is a short, concise sentence (preferably seven words or less) that conveys the essence of your brand. read the article, watch the presentation, and download the tagline worksheet.

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