Creating Your Own World Wide Rave

Episode #27 of Power to the Small Business podcast

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In the online world, Internet riches are often talked about, but rarely achieved. The conventional wisdom is to tell your story and to tell it loudly. Websites and social media channels are filled with gurus, experts and blowhards trumpeting their own greatness. And that tactic fails miserably. So what’s a business to do?

Best-selling author David Meerman Scott says people get it backwards. Rather than raving about yourself online, create a World Wide Rave. The most powerful way to get your story out there is to let people tell your story for you. If you people are going to talk about you, you have to be interesting and create content that people want to talk about.

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, David Meerman Scott tells us how to get a world-wide rave started. He also shares examples of local businesses that have authentically tapped into online riches.

Guests: David Meerman Scott – Best-selling author of World Wide Rave
Length: 28 minutes

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World Wide Rave Show Notes

Selected quotes from David Meerman Scott:

“What people care about are themselves. And they care about their problems. And they care very deeply about solving their problems.”

“If you want people to tell your ideas and spread your stories, you have to give them something interesting to talk about. And your product isn’t that.”

“If you have the guts to lose control of your messages, your content, and the ways people talk about you, they will talk about you.”

“You don’t go there (online communities) to sell. You go there to participate and provide valuable information. And people will learn your affiliation.”

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David on Twitter: @DMScott

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