Five Things You Should Never Tell Your Customers

This stuff is common sense, but we’re all guilty of forgetting sometimes.

  1. A Lie – Usually told to cover your butt for something you did or didn’t do. “The wholesaler didn’t deliver in time” when in fact you didn’t order the part when you were supposed to order it. Telling one lie to a customer makes you a liar.
  2. The Entire Truth – The customer doesn’t need to know everything either. “We didn’t get the project completed because one of our key people fell off the wagon and got sent to rehab.” Don’t say that.
  3. No – Find an alternate solution.
  4. You’re Wrong – There is no benefit to proving the customer is wrong. Let it slide. You may win the battle, but you’ll lose the war for the customer.
  5. Your Problems – “It’s impossible to find good help these days.” Or “Business sure is slow, I’m having trouble with cash flow.” Customers come to your business to do business with you. They don’t want to know your problems, they have enough of their own.

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