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Episode #29 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

The Internet show about small business marketing.

It’s time to take the mystery out of email marketing because it just might be the most cost-efficient marketing tool for small businesses. For this episode of Power to the Small Business, we’ve assembled a panel email marketing experts. They will share their advice on email marketing best practices.

  • How to get started.
  • How to collect email addresses.
  • What to say in your email.
  • What service to use.


Guests: Stephanie Miller of ReturnPath.net, Chad White of Smith-Harmon.com, Julie Niehoff of Constant Contact
Length: 31 minutes

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Email Marketing Show Notes

Stephanie Miller – VP, Global market Development, ReturnPath.net:

“Email is the backbone of most of the work we do in the business world. All of business starts and ends in the inbox.”

“Here is why email is really alive. Because it generates the highest return of anything in your marketing tool kit.”

“With email marketing you are making a commitment to a communicate and have a dialogue with your customers. You can’t blow it.”

Julie Niehoff – Regional Development Director, Constant Contact

“(Email) has really become a marketing lifeline for many small businesses across the country.”

“The purpose of email marketing is to set the rhythm of the relationships you already have. It’s not about a massive cold call to say “come buy my stuff” to people who don’t know you.”

“Define one objective for each email marketing message you send.”

Constant Contact & Julie’s Event Schedule: Email Learning Events

Chad White – Research Director, Smith-Harmon.com

“It’s (email) the most powerful way of communicating with existing customers.”

“Email marketing works. It’s not super sexy but it generates money.”

“Email generates $43 in return for each dollar invested.”

Chad’s blog: The Retail Email Bag

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