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The reason it’s so difficult to please customers is that businesses often start off on the wrong foot. The brand doesn’t match the location.

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Most current marketing uses the online-dating-service method of advertising. Like the tall athletic guy who loves to laugh, cook, travel and take long walks in the park, businesses describe themselves unrealistically. “We’re a business that is passionate about customer service, treats you like family, and likes to spend time getting to know you.” Customers start off the relationship disappointed because they expect one thing based on advertising, but receive something very different.

Access to your brand is more than just physical location, it’s also psychological. You cannot start a customer relationship by dashing preconceptions, You are in effect, shutting off psychological access to your business. Therefore you must not only look like your brand, you must also feel like your brand.

Physical shopability is important, but psychological alignment is also necessary.

  • Look like you deserve the money on your price tag.
  • Look and act like you know what you are doing.
  • Follow through on the promises and claims in your advertising.

While real estate and physical location are important, mental access is more important because it cements the relationship. Look like your brand, feel like your brand, give customers psychological access.

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