>What The Numbers Mean for Social Media Marketing


One the loudest arguments in favor of social media marketing are the big numbers. Everywhere you look you see the numbers if favor of using social media. Here are some examples:


  • Facebook has 400 million active users! (Source: Facebook)
  • Facebook gained over 100 million users in the U.S. from January 2009 to January 2010! (Source: Inc.)
  • Facebook has more than 100 million mobile users! (Source: Facebook)
  • There are 55 million LinkedIn users! (Source: Mashable)
  • There are 75 million Twitter user accounts! (Source: The Metric system)
  • Teens spend 25% of their time on social networks! (Source: Screenwerk)

Incredible! Only the numbers mean nothing to you, and here’s why. Facebook as 400 million users…Wow! Go ahead try to reach them all. Big numbers don’t mean you should do it. For example, 99% of all Americans still watch television. That doesn’t mean you should be advertising on TV.

Don’t get blinded by the big numbers. Social media marketing is still one at a time. You don’t put up a Facebook page and today and see a 25% increase in business tomorrow. Social media marketing is just like anything else. It takes time and effort. So turn a blind eye to all the big numbers and concentrate on the ones that mean the most to you: how many people you can realistically reach through social media, and how much work you have to do to reach them.

Do you get caught up in the numbers? How much do they really mean to you?

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