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Podcast Episode #57 – Steve Garfield Reveals Online Video Secrets From His Book

You’ve heard all the stats. Online video is big. People now watch online video as much as they do network television. And online video is good for your website too. Putting video on your website can increase website traffic, keep website visitors engaged, drive sales by demonstrating your product or service, and help you with search engine rankings. Small businesses owners should do online video, and they would, if they only knew how.


Steve Garfield has written a book for people who want to get started with online video, but don’t know how. In this episode of Power to the Small Business, Steve joins me to discuss the how you can get started producing your own online videos with information from his book Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business. In the podcast you’ll learn about cameras, audio, lighting, editing, uploading to YouTube, and more.

Guest: Steve Garfield, author and online video expert, Boston, MA
Length: 35 minutes
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Show Notes:


Steve says there’s no reason to avoid doing online video for your business. It’s easy and inexpensive:

“The tools have become so so easy. And that’s where I suggest people should start. With low cost tools and easy-to-use applications to get video online.”

I. Use What You Have – Before spending money on equipment, use what you already have: a web cam or a digital camera that also shoots video clips.

II. Easy-to-Use Video Cameras – Steve suggest using The Flip HD Camcorder, with one touch recording and easy YouTube uploading.

III. Higher Quality Audio – Mostly the audio you get with The Flip is fine, but when you want higher quality audio with your video, use a camcorder with an external microphone jack, like The Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera.

IV. Lighting – Steve says that most of the time natural lighting works fine. But if you do want better lighting, he suggests using LED lights, such as this FLIP Camcorder Video Light Kit.

V. Video Editing – Free is fine. The Flip comes with it’s own editing software called Flipshare. Windows users can download and use Windows Movie Maker. And Mac users have iMovie. All are free (if you own the associated product).
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I. Go for Better Audio – Maybe it’s because I’m an ex-radio guy, but I think quality audio helps make a quality video. Get a camcorder like The Kodak Zi8 and use an external lapel microphone for better audio.

II. Develop a Video Style – Be funny, do interviews, do how-to’s. Develop your own that keeps people engaged with the video.

III. Location is Important – Don’t do your video in front of a blank wall. Choose a cool location, or something visual in the background (but not distracting). Avoid motion in the background of the video.

IV. Outline Your Video Content – Don’t try to memorize a script. Outline, or storyboard, your videos and do them naturally.

V. Keep the Video Short – Two minutes or less is best. You can go longer if you have a tutorial or are teaching something.

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