How to Position a Brand with No Position

Drug Lords? What Drug Lords?

You have to chuckle when you see this magazine ad…

Advertising for Columbia-Travel
(Click on the Ad for a larger view)

Not that the drug war is a humorous thing, but the Columbia Tourism Board’s marketing approach simultaneously ignores and acknowledges Columbia’s reputation in the same ad. The copy in the upper right corner reads “Columbia, the only risk is wanting to stay.” It’s difficult to imagine this approach is effective.

While there is doubt about the approach, there is no doubt that the ad is in need of some better proof-reading, the web address in the ad will get you nothing, the actual tourism website is www.Columbia.Travel/en instead of the one listed in the ad. At least when you finally find the website the message is consistent, “Columbia, the only risk is wanting to stay.” But what are you supposed to do and say if your job is to promote tourism in country that’s best down for its drug cartels?

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