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Special Guests: Mitch Joel and Christopher Penn

What about podcasting as strategy to market your business? Podcasting can be a powerful marketing tool because it gives you an aura of authority. I produce a bi-weekly podcast that is part of my content marketing strategy and it has opened doors and given me access to industry leaders. But is it right for all businesses?

To help you sort out podcasting as a marketing strategy I enlisted two of the best at both marketing and podcasting: Mitch Joel is host and producer of the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast and Christopher Penn is co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee Podcast. Each of them answered five questions about using podcasting as a marketing strategy, I also added my commentary. The answers are in an audio Q&A format. Listen in the player below. The answers are summarized below the audio Q&A.

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Summary of Podcast Q&A with Mitch Joel and Christopher Penn

How viable is it for a business, and not just an internet business, but also local businesses, to use podcasting as a marketing vehicle?

CHRISTOPHER PENN: If your business is one that is both online, large reach, plus local, then it makes a whole lot of sense.

MITCH JOEL: There is no blanket answer; yes it’s good or no It’s bad. I think it depends on the business owner and what their capabilities are in terms of developing relative and interesting content.

JAY EHRET: The larger the size and scope of your customer base and potential reach, the more viable podcasting is as a marketing strategy.

If a businesses did do podcasting, how do you think that would work? What could they do?
CHRISTOPHER PENN: You have to just give people what they want. Maybe the opportunity to learn something. But you need to have a product that takes advantage of the long reach of digital.

MITCH JOEL: People get hung up on the wrong metrics and the wrong constructs of what success is. If people like your content they will download it. And that is where podcasting is effective and efficient. It allows any business to really hone in on their audience.

JE: Decide if you want to be entertaining or educational based on your business. Mostly, you want to inform and educate. Then decide if you want to do a solo-hosted podcast or have guests.

Have you, and can businesses, acquire business directly or indirectly from your podcast?

CHRISTOPHER PENN: Yes! Marketing Over Coffee has had sponsors for nearly every quarter of a four-year show. I’m now working for one of the companies that sponsors of the podcast.

MITCH JOEL: I don’t know that anything works as a direct response method, because it’s not an infomercial. You don’t podcast to be known, but to be knowable. By producing and publishing content you are present and hopefully people looking for your services will find you.

JAY EHRET: I have indirectly received business, but don’t think that you will do a podcast episode and someone will buy from you. Use podcasting as a way to create an emotional bond with listeners, making it more likely that they will become your customers.

How should a business decide whether or not to do a podcast?

CHRISTOPHER PENN: Simple: Ask people who are already your customers if they would listen to it. Email 100 of your customers. If 1 out of 100 says yes, maybe. If 10, you want to start thinking about it. If 50 you probably already should be doing it. Do you have something that lends to audio? Maybe video is better.

MITCH JOEL: The first thing is to decide who is going to be responsible for the editorial content as well as the production and voice, and making it happen. Then ask why are we podcasting, what is the goal? Don’t do it because podcasting seems to be the cool new shiny thing or the easy thing to do. Do it because it fits right into the business.

JAY EHRET: Decide whether or not you are willing to learn the necessary skills and devote the time to producing fresh content on a regular basis. Podcasting, like any other content marketing strategy, requires a time commitment.

If a business decides to start a podcast, give us your “101” beginner’s podcasting tips.

CHRISTOPHER PENN: Pick a name that people can remember and will spread by Word of mouth. It should ideally be part of your domain name. And get a good microphone, it really pays for itself quickly.

MITCH JOEL: You have to make the decision, are you going to do it cheap and cheerful (like Mitch Joel does it), or will you go the more professional way with a better setup and equipment, or go full-hog and rent a studio with high-end, high-quality content? There’s no right answer, take the time to find out which is your preference.

JAY EHRET: Practice and learn first before jumping in. Assemble your podcasting tool box and find a reliable place to host your audio files online. Use WordPress as your podcasting platform. If you’re not having fun with podcasting, don’t do it.

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