The Connection Between Branding and the Customer Experience

In my four spot marketing model you see that branding and the customer experience are connected. Here’s how that works.

Branding provides the promise that the customer experience keeps.

Brands make promises that must be kept. Those promises are delivered when the customer experiences the brand. The branding – customer experience connection allows a business to build trust by first making, and then keeping, promises.

Branding provides the framework for customer experience design.

What will customers experience? Your brand, of course. Designing a customer experience is much easier when you look to your brand for inspiration. The promise + personality of your brand is the framework for your customer experience design.

The customer experience delivers brand continuity.

Disconnect causes disappointment. Customers are disappointed when a brand paints a picture of one thing but delivers an experience that is another thing. When there is cohesion between the brand and the experience, customers feel they can trust the brand.

The customer experience drives brand loyalty.

The brand is concept, the customer experience is reality. When customers can see, touch, and feel the brand in real life, they can become loyal customers.

Have you connected your customer experience to your brand?

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