Keep On Blogging in the Face of a Social Media Wind

Since I wrote Blog Your Way to Credibility and Authority in May of 2009, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have taken over as the social media tool of choice for small businesses. But the benefits of blogging are just as powerful as ever. In fact, the importance of blogs may actually grow in the next five years as you will learn farther down this page. So I want to encourage you to keep on blogging as a business, and offer these fine articles from other blogs as a creative spark.

Where Will Blogging Go?


Just because social media is hot, doesn’t mean that blogging is cold. Blogs are still important and their readership will continue to grow. This report from eMarketer gives you a glimpse of blogging’s future:
The Blogosphere:Colliding with Social and Mainstream Media

Why are you Blogging?


There are many good reasons to blog: search engine rankings, website traffic, credibility, thought leadership. What’s your reason? Problogger Darren Rowse discusses goals for your blog and how they must evolve:
The Goal Post: Why Goals Matter More than Ever

What Should I Blog?


Perhaps the biggest fear of a blogger is that the ideas will run out. You’ll be sitting at your keyboard peering at a blank screen and the words won’t be there. Jonathan Bailey over at Blogging Pro has a few tips to help you overcome blogger’s block:
Blogging Pitfalls: How to Never Run Out of Ideas

Blogging is a Project


It’s Halloween, so why not use it as an idea to create a blog post? (See the previous link) Blogging is just like running a business, or maybe more accurately, a long-term project within your business. You can apply lessons and best practices from your business to your blog. In this case, a haunted house:
5 More Things Haunting Taught Me About Blogging

Getting Started with Blogging


What if you don’t have a blog? That’s an easy problem to fix. Especially with this excellent quick start guide from Blog for Profit:
Quick Start Guide to Getting Your Blog Online

Have you been losing enthusiasm for your blog? I hope not. Keep on Blogging.

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