The Conversation – Promotion Connection


In my four spot marketing model, as illustrated in The Marketing Circle of Life above, you see that the Conversation spot and Promotion are connected. Here’s how it works.

Conversation is the unpaid evangelism about your business that occurs through person-to-person word of mouth, online social media, and publicity about your business in the media.

Promotion is how you promote and advertise your business to get new customers.

What you Say is What they Hear

What you say about your business should match what people are saying about your business. Someone considering buying from you should not hear one thing from a friend, and another totally different thing from you.

Let’s say you own a ladies retail apparel store. Your customers love your selection of jeans, and the exclusive brands you carry. But you just got a shipment of coats in and you need to sell them. So you begin a promotional push to sell those coats. Your customers are talking jeans, you are talking coats. What’s a potential customer to think? It’s a recipe for confusion, and confusing businesses don’t attract customers.

Advertising Primes Word of Mouth

Much of word of mouth is triggered by advertising. In fact, according to Keller Fay, 50% of all consumer conversation about brands refer to a company’s marketing activities. It’s another argument in favor of advertising, but it’s also a roadmap for businesses. You shouldn’t advertise what you want to talk about, advertise and promote what customers will want to talk about.

Your marketing is stronger when it works together. How can you work to connect the conversation and promotion of your business?

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