Omniture Takeaway: Scoring Website Visits

This past week I was in Salt Lake City for the Adobe Omniture Summit 2011 for online marketing. While there, I had the opportunity to meet with Adam Justis, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Conversion at Omniture’s Test & Target product group.

Not all website visitors are created equal. Some site visits are casual, others lead to sales and new customers. Those are the most valuable visits and those are the ones that Justis thinks you should give specific attention. If fact, he wants you to give them a score; what he calls a “visit score.”

Website visitors who become customers typically journey through your website in a way that’s different from casual visitors. They travel a different site path and view different pages. Justis suggests that you pay close attention to your website analytics data to determine which pages eventual customers view. These are your conversion pages. Then, assign a value score to each page on your site based on their ability to convert website visitors into customers. Next, rearrange the content of your website to direct site visitors to those high value pages.

The effect is to raise the visit score of each site visitor. The point is to customize your website to raise conversion rates.

– Jay Ehret

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DISCLOSURE: Adobe sponsored my attendance at the Adobe Omniture Summit 2011.

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