Local Search Go-To Guys

Rising to the top of local search results can have an immediate and substantial impact on your business. This is especially true if you are a service business with an infrequent purchase cycle and lots of competition. When consumers need a service that only gets used occasionally, they go searching for options. If you are at the top of the local search results, you make it easy for consumers to call you first. That’s a tremendous advantage.

It would be wise for you to get smarter about local search. Here are the guys I follow to stay on top of local search strategies and trends:

Local Search Go-To Guys:

Mike Ramsey of Nifty Marketing – Mike stays on top of the local search game and I find him especially insightful about Google Places. He has been a guest on my podcast, giving practical advice on Rising to the Top of of Local Search Results.

David Mihm – Maybe the most influential voice in local search. David publishes one of the most important studies on Local SEO, The Local Search Ranking Factors.

Mike Blumenthal – Mike dives deep into local search, helping his readers understand Google Maps and develop knowledge on local search. He is always on top of the new developments in Google Places and Maps.

Andrew Shotland – Andrew bills himself as the Local SEO Guide and blog prolifically about Google Places and SEO, but also mixes in related tools such as Google + and Yelp.

I recommend book-marking the go-to-guys if you really want to learn more about Local SEO.

Is there anyone else you would add to the list?

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