The Power of Adding a Blog to Your Website

Jince Baby asks this Question over on LinkedIn:

I want to increase the visits and clicks to my website and want to interact with the visitors of the site so that it can generate more clients and business though the website.Can you suggest ideas to implement or include in my website for this?

Adding a blog to your website will accomplish all this.

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If you want more visits to your website, add a blog and post frequently. It is a fact: the more content you produce on your website, the more traffic you will receive. On days you post a new article to your blog, you will see a spike in web traffic. Eventually you will build an archive of self-sustaining blog content that will attract search engine traffic for years.

A blog also helps you interact with clients, just not in the way it used to before the rise of social media. People don’t comment on blogs as frequently as they used to. But occasionally they do, and even more frequently the conversations can spill over into your social media channels. For example, you write an article for your blog, then post a link on your Facebook page and ask for feedback and opinions.

Blogging for Business

Want new clients and more business? During the past four years there has been no greater business generator for The Marketing Spot than my blog. The Marketing Spot Blog has attracted new clients, helped me get speaking engagements, and generated interest from publishers. Consistently writing articles for your blog builds your credibility and your authority. Over time it becomes your body of evidence that you know what you are talking about. Even if you meet a potential customer in another venue, they will go to your website where they can see your blog. Many times, it’s a deal closer.

Finally, let me add that I think that adding a blog to your website makes you a better business. Writing for your blog forces you to reveal your principles in a concrete, visible platform. You are forced to codify your thoughts because you are revealing them to the public. Stuff that you just thought about before becomes real as soon as you start writing. Blogging makes your business stronger.

Do you have a blog on your website? Are you ready to start blogging?

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