How to Create a Profitable Adwords Campaign

Guest post by Nickolay Lamm

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How can you make your Adwords campaign profitable? Anyone with a website can get an Adwords account and instantly start getting traffic. However, whether or not your campaign actually has a healthy ROI is largely dependent on your quality score, which has a strong relationship with the click through rate (CTR) of your ads. The higher your quality score, the more clicks you get, at a lower price, directly affecting your bottom line.

If you are logged into Adwords you may browse your active keyword list and notice a quality score aside each one. You are looking at the quality score that is affected primarily by the CTR of your keyword and its corresponding ad. How can you increase the quality score?

Send Highly Relevant Visitors to Your Landing Pages

You may think that Google sending “sort of relevant” traffic to your ads is better than no traffic, but keep in mind that this “sort of relevant” traffic will result in a low CTR, affecting your quality score for your other Ad Groups and/or campaigns. To see just how important CTR is in determining quality score, check out this study by Search Engine Land.

If you want to get more traffic to your page about “wooden baseball bat reviews”, get traffic from people who are searching for “wooden baseball bat review”, “bat baseball wooden reviews”, and “review wood baseball bat”. You can do this using the modified broad keyword option after you make your ad. For the above example, typing in “+wooden +baseball +bat +reviews” as your keyword would result in relevant traffic. Once you’ve got traffic to your ads, you have to make sure that your traffic finds the ad relevant…

Play Around With Your Ad Copy

If you are getting traffic from people who are searching for “Dallas cosmetic surgery”, make sure that your ad(s) speaks to those who search for the term by including that exact phrase (or something related to it) within your ad copy.

Although your CTR will be determined in large part by how relevant your targeted visitors find your ad, very minor changes in your Adwords Ad copy can mean the difference between a 0.65% CTR and a 1.8% CTR.

Here are some tested tricks that you can implement in your own Adwords campaign:

  • Use Action Words: Save 75%, Join Today, Get Your Free Estimate, Limited Time Offer.
    All are words that cause someone to take action.
  • Teach Them Something: How to Save Money, How to Get a Date, How to Get a Job. People respond well to information that helps them solve problems.

If applicable to your landing page, use words and phrases such as free, secret, secrets, today, right now, exposed, you need to, YOU, and download. If you use these kinds of words and your landing page does not fulfill your promise, the ROI of your Adwords campaign will suffer because, even if you are getting a lot of clicks with the help of a high quality score, your visitors will be disappointed when they visit your site.

Abandon Some of Your Keywords

You may have the best landing page in the world, an ad which has a high click through rate, but your success also depends on the history of the keyword itself. If Google deems that your keyword is not relevant to your ad and corresponding landing page, it will give you “poor” keyword relevance, meaning that you’ll have a poor quality score no matter what you do.

To fix this problem, compare your ad and webpage to what Google displays in the organic and sponsored search results for the selected keyword. For example, you want to advertise a local dentistry practice by bidding on the keyword “dentist”. That keyword, however, is too broad and you should instead be targeting keywords such as “Boston dentist” or “Boston dentist practice”. Targeting long tail keywords will give you high keyword relevancy an increases your click through rates.

Nickolay Lamm is an internet marketing specialist who protects against the unethical selling practices of invention promotion companies at InventHelp’s Scam Videos.

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