The Summer Marketing Series for Small Business

Should you invest in more online marketing, or maybe go with some traditional advertising such at TV or billboards? You are probably looking for your next solution for your marketing dilemma: what should you do? What if you had the answers to those questions?

Announcing my summer marketing series of webinars and workshops for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It’s your opportunity to get the knowledge you need to answer your own marketing questions. Three webinars and two workshops at my World Headquarters in Waco, Texas.

One of the webinars is free: Marketing 101 for Small Business. I suggest you grab your ticket early for that one, as I only have 100 slots available. The rest of them require a small investment that will pay big dividends. If you register for any of the webinars now, you can get the early registration price of just $20.

You can see the complete list of events here: Summer Marketing Series for Small Business

July 11th & 18th
Branding for small business webinar or live workshop: Branding 101 for Small Business
July 25th
Marketing 101 for Small Business – Free Webinar: Register for Marketing 101
August 8th
Digital Marketing for Small Business Workshop: Details and Register for Digital Marketing
August 29th
Content Marketing for Small Business Webinar: Register for Content Marketing Webinar

But, because it all starts with Branding, that is the first event, Branding 101 for Small Business: Four Steps to Building a Brand That Attracts New Customers. Here’s a little preview video below. If you click through to the event page, you will see the first video of my video branding course for entrepreneurs as a free bonus.

So why only $20? That’s such a small amount, why even charge then, especially when others give their stuff away for free? Two reasons: The first is that I believe in the law of return on investment. If you want a return on investment that includes a financial return, you must invest money. The second is that I have found that entrepreneurs who are willing to put a little skin in the game, even if it’s just $20, take the training more seriously and are more likely to take action.

I invite you to take action and get your own answers with my Summer Marketing Series for Small Business.

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