Use This Customer Experience Formula to Increase Loyalty and Word of Mouth

Episode #99 of Power to the Small Business Podcast

How to use the customer experience formula to wow your customers
Taking Your Experience to Wow!

The customer experience you deliver is the number one factor of customer loyalty. It is also the the number one reason why you do or do not earn word-of-mouth conversations. The argument can be made that this component of your marketing plan may be the most important to your profitability. Is customer experience delivery in your marketing plan?

In this episode of Power to the Small Business, I introduce you to the Customer Experience Formula and show you how it determines whether or not customers will be loyal to you and whether or not they will recommend you to others. You will also learn the three steps necessary to take your experience from commodity to Wow! I’ll also provide you with two tools to increase the Wow! factor in your experience delivery.

Topic: The Customer Experience Formula: Customer Loyalty and Word of Mouth

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Customer Experience Show Notes & Tools

The Customer Experience Formula:

I – E = W!
CE Ingredients – Customer Expectations = Wow!
Take everything you deliver in your experience, subtract what customer expect you to deliver, and what’s left is your Wow! factor.

Here are the stats:

Below Average Customer Experiences

  • 10% likelihood of customer loyalty
  • 7% chance of word-of-mouth recommendations

Ordinary, Commodity Customer Experiences

  • 42% likelihood of customer loyalty
  • 30% chance of word-of-mouth recommendations

Extraordinary, Wow! Customer Experiences

  • 86% likelihood of customer loyalty
  • 97% chance of word-of-mouth recommendations

** DiJulius Group

The Tools:

The Customer Experience checklist to take your customers from ordinary to Wow!
The Customer Expectations Checklist

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The brand experience frame marketing tool to add emotional connection to your customer experience
Use the Frame to build connections with your customers.

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customer experience map marketing tool to add memorable moments to the experience
The Customer Experience Map

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online workshop: How to Create a marketing plan at
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