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>Podcast: Mitch Joel Talks about Six Pixels of Separation


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Episode #36 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

Everyone is connected, connect your business to everyone. Why all the hoopla about being connected? That’s the question Mitch Joel answers in his new book, Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch Joel has been called the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing.” In this episode of Power to the Small Business Mitch discusses his new book and why any, and almost every, business should be engaged in the online world of digital marketing.


Guest: Mitch Joel, Author of Six Pixels of Separation
Length: 28 minutes

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Mitch Joel- Six Pixels of Separation Show Notes

Selected quotes from the show:

“It’s not a question of why we would want to be connected, we all are connected.”

“That’s fundamentally what someone who’s buying from anybody wants, they want a real connection with someone.”

“It is never too late, because it’s not a question of being the first in or the last in, it’s a question of people providing, and giving tremendous value.”

“People say blogging is dead, fine, here’s what I think: The ability for you to have a thought and be able to publish that thought instantly to the world in any platform you desire, in text, images, audio, video, and it comes up immediately, is brand spanking new.”

“Everything is with, not instead of.”

“Which businesses are willing to stand up and say: business has fundamentally changed.”

Show Links:

Mitch Joel’s Book: Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone.
Mitch’s blog and podcast: Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel on Twitter

Bonus Link: Social Media: What to do for your business.

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