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Google Reader Tip – Research Library

Google Reader is one online tool I use almost every day. One of it’s best uses is as a research library. Take a look at this video tutorial I made demonstraing how to use Google Reader as a research library.

YouTube Preview Image

Google Reader is a great tool for subscribing to, and organizing blog and news feeds. But it also is a great research tool. You don’t have to subscribe to a blog post just because you want to read it. Think of it as the old encyclopedias. You didn’t read all those, right? They were sitting on your shelf, ready for you to dive in and find what you needed to learn.

Search engine results are very broad. You can narrow down your search results to those from blogs you know and trust. Subscribe to them in Google Reader and then search for what you want in only the blogs you trust. You can narrow your search results further by searching only categories or folders.

Happy researching.

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