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Going Viral Locally

Episode #18 of Power to the Small Business podcast: Word of Mouth

The Internet show about small business marketing.

Viral marketing gets too much credit. Slap together a hilarious video, slap it on YouTube and then people all over the world will rush to see it. Problem is, that very rarely leads to quantifiable business. And that type of viral marketing is practically useless to a local small business.

JD Hinton writes songs, is a performer, and he lives in Central Texas. Last month he hosted an amazing event that he simply refers to as a wine concert. But it was much more. It was actually a jazzy, bluesy, eclectic event. The event sold out in four days and was was marketed almost exclusively by a form of viral email. There were no jokes, no funny videos, no amazing claims.

Listen, and learn how JD did it.

Guest: JD Hinton, Songwriter, performer
Length: 19 minutes

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JD Hinton on Local Viral Marketing

Create an atmosphere for the event in your marketing. And then make sure the experience matches what you promise.

Going viral means making it fun. Don’t make it too easy for the customer to get what they want. Make things a little difficult for them and send them on a quest.

Don’t try to use viral marketing for everything you do. Use it for unique events and then give your marketing a novel presentation.

Contact JD via email: widebrim <at>

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