>Top 100 Business Blogs: Word of Mouth Lesson


We are humbled to be included in the Top 100 Business Blogs by John Crickett of the Business Opportunities and Ideas blog. We came in at #89 (with a bullet). Take a look at the list, because you will find some great reading and valuable education.

John’s blog also gives a us a tremendous lesson in word of mouth. Note that The Top 100 List is comprised of nothing but influencers (at least we want to think we are). In comprising this list, John created substantial word of mouth by getting the talkers to talk about him. I’m talking about him right now.

Many of the blogs on the list will link back to John’s blog as proof they made the list. Not only is John reaching his audience, he is also reaching the audience of another 29 blogs (at the time of this posting) who post about being part of the list. Brilliant.

In creating the Top 100 List, John also created a community. Most of the bloggers on the list now feel like they’re part of an important group. But he didn’t stop there. He also made us feel important; one of the top 100 business blogs on the internet! Again, brilliant.

Earlier this month, John invited bloggers to submit guest posts. You can see my contribution here: Soft Market Opportunities.

The result was several thought-provoking blogs. More importantly, John was getting people (bloggers are people too) involved with his product. In return he got more evangelism and lots of great content. More brilliance!

Thanks again, John for including The Marketing Spot on the Top 100 list. More importantly, thanks for the word-of-mouth lesson.
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