>Weekend Starbucks Experience Round-Up

>The reExperience Starbucks Project is a combined effort by The Marketing Spot, Customers Rock!, and other blogs. The goal is to provide useful advice to CEO Howard Schultz as he guides Starbucks back to the experience

As part of the reExperience Starbucks project, here are some notable blogposts from the past week:

– Bill Gerba of Retail Media News, says in Reenergizing Starbucks that maybe the answer for Starbucks is smaller, with a focus on a scaled-back product offering.

– In The Starbucks Customer FEEDBACK Experience, Paul Schwartz of Customer U fills out a customer comment card and reports on what happened.

– Loui Canchola puts a spiritual twist on things, advising to keep “the main thing the maing thing” in Starbucks Goes Back to Simplicity.

– Can cutting jobs be good for the Starbucks experience? Over at Marketing Profs Jeanne Bliss thinks with her piece: Can Howard Schultz Get Starbucks Back Its ‘Mojo’?

– Sometimes a company can lose sight of its vision and mission. That’s not a good thing, as Meikah Delid reminds us in Helping Starbucks Improve the Customer Experience – The Second Step

Becky Carroll and I will be back with new posts later this week.

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