>Branding Is Easy, Branding Is Hard

>Branding is easy because it’s about truth and passion. Doesn’t matter who you are, you have a brand embedded in your heart. It’s just waiting to be polished and revealed to the world.


Branding is hard because you are never about anything that’s real. Every day is an improvisation. Your business image is a facade and the curtain easily comes crashing down with the slightest customer tug.


Branding is hard because it forces you to commit to your dreams and values. The truth comes out and now there’s no denying it. When you identify your brand you have to commit to the important mission, the big vision, the bold promise.


Branding is easy, because you never have to leave your comfort zone. There’s no benchmark against which you will be judged. There’s no reputation to live up to. You can fade into the crowd.

There really is no easy way, is there? But the choice is clear.

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