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Episode #33 of Power to the Small Business podcast.

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In this episode of Power to the Small Business, we focus the lens on local marketing. What can local and small businesses do to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising. Bob Lauck is owner of Lauck Marketing in Woodway, Texas, just outside of Waco. He joins host Jay Ehret as they discuss marketing ideas for local business. Listen to the show and view the show notes below.

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Guest: Bob Lauck, Owner of Lauck Marketing, a local marketing firm in Central Texas.
Length: 25 minutes

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Local Marketing Show Notes

Bob Lauck – Lauck Marketing

Customer service is number one. If you have a customer service issue, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you’re doing.


  • The owner should take personal interest in customer service. Handle some service calls, call customers.
  • Develop a staff training program. Train on specific situations. Your employees have likely never received the service that you are asking them to give.
  • Take immediate action when a customer has a complaint or issue.

Get some outside advice – Don’t try to do everything yourself. Get a professional opinion on your branding and marketing plan.

Get involved with the new media and social media tools – Make sure you apply them the right way. Social media is largely over-hyped. Put social media marketing into perspective. Remember the lessons of the internet boom and dot.com bust. Social media is at that stage right now.


  • Have a clear strategy
  • Define how it will fit with what you are already doing.

Traditional Media is not dead – It is changing and does have to be used differently than in the past. It can still be a powerful form of marketing on a local level.

Improve your product – Are you presenting your product the same way you always have? Is there a new and improved version of what you’re selling? What is different, remarkable and unusual?

Local community marketing – Getting involved selectively with causes. Make sure you maximize your involvement in those causes. What can you get out of a sponsorship to increase your exposure. Be important in the cause you are involved in and be recognized for your contribution.

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