>Survey of 2009’s Most Popular Blog Posts (On Other Blogs)


Instead of just your usual blog reading this weekend, why not read some of the best. I put the call out on Twitter this afternoon and asked my friends for their most popular posts of 2009. This is a compilation of the responses. If I missed yours, add it in comment section below.

To start, the most popular post on The Marketing Spot blog this year was….(drum roll)
The Basics of Marketing: What is a Brand?

Now on to the other popularity winners:

Bounce Rate and Exit Rate, What is the Difference and Why You Should Care by Glenn Gabe
Clearing up the confusion of these key website metrics.

The Top Ten Faces of Facebook by Susan Hart
The most popular types of Facebook users.

Our Marriage Secret from Lauri Rottmayer
Fight for your marriage.

Twitter in a Sound Bite World: How a Single Tweet Can Offend a Follower by Judy Dunn
When tweeting is taken out of context.

Twittering Journalists by Harry Hoover
A twittering journalists wiki.

8 Strategies to improve customer service by Pratap Singh
Eliminating the gap between perceived and actual customer service.

The End of the Industrial Age and Social Media by Chris Bailey
Relationships are still at the core.

Everybody Has a Brand: What’s Yours? by Scott Gibson
You already have a brand, now develop it.

Are Apple iPhone users like loyal NASCAR fans? by Paul Lopez
Brand loyalty leads to advertising impressions.

Irasshaimase: Welcoming the Customer by Dez Paroz
Dealing with complaining customers

End-of-Year Consultation: Your Top Ten Favorite Legal Advice of 2009 by Stephen Bloom
List of top 10 posts

How Not To Respond To Socmed Criticism by Elmer Boutin
Avoiding those ugly online train wrecks.

Happy New Year!

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