>January is Build an Awesome Brand Month


2010: The Year of Marketing Awesomeness

I’m structuring the free content of The Marketing Spot blog in 2010 to help you create a year of marketing awesomeness for your business. For details, please watch the video below:

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Each quarter during The Year of Awesomeness, I will place special emphasis on one of the four essential spots of small business marketing. You can see an illustration of these spots in this diagram I call the Marketing Circle of Life.

January – March: Branding
April – June: Experience
July-September: Conversation
October – December: Promotion

January: Build an Awesome Brand Month

We’re kick of the journey in January by building an awesome brand. Each day, Monday through Thursday, January 4th – 14th, I will publish an article on branding. My special collaborator in the month of January is tagline specialist Jim Morris, also known as Tagline Jim. Jim and I will alternate branding articles here on The Marketing Spot Blog. These articles will help you better brand your business, and to prep you for our free branding webinar.

Branding Events Schedule

On January 20th, Jim Morris and I will present a special free webinar: BRANDING U: Revive, Refresh, Revitalize Your Brand in 2010. This will be a nuts and bolts, how-to branding webinar. Get more details and register for the free webinar here: Free Branding Webinar

Build an Awesome Brand Workshop – You will have two chances in the first quarter to attend my full-day branding workshop:

February 23rd – In my hometown of Waco, Texas. (Details coming this week here and on The Marketing Spot website)

March 23rd – Dallas, Texas at Optimization Summit 2010. I will present the full-day workshop in four sessions. This is a great event for small business owners, with an impressive lineup of speakers, including Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch. One price gets you all the sessions, including my workshop. Note: use the discount code "themarketingguy" for $25 off your registration. Get speaker and session details here, and registration information here: Optimization Summit 2010.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready for a year of awesomeness? Let’s begin by building an awesome brand. First you need a foundation, a basic understanding of branding. Read this article: What is a brand?

Update: We completed the Build an Awesome Brand Project in the first quarter of 2010. You can check out all articles in the project here: Build An Awesome Brand Resources

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