>Conversation Starters: Staying in touch, Getting Rid of Stuff, and Word of Mouth


How Much do You Have to Be Like Your Clients?

The Grammys were on TV last Sunday night and I proudly avoided them. That led to a Twitter conversation where my Friend Lisa Trosien suggested that I should be watching the Grammys because some folks in my speaking audiences might be millennials. Meaning the Grammys were required watching so that I could stay in touch with my audience and potential clients. In response, I asked Lisa if millennial speakers with baby boomers in the audience should know about disco (I’m still waiting for disco’s return). The real question is this: How much do you have to be in touch with your client’s lifestyle in order for them to do business with you?

What Goes in Your Marketing Delta File?

The Delta is a Greek letter that looks like this: Δ The delta symbol is often used in mathematics, physics and business to represent change. I bring this up because we all have short memories and we forget things; things that we see other people doing wrong and vow that we’ll never do, yet someday we end up doing them. Mike and Mark over at Manager Tools suggest one way to improve your memory is to keep a file of things you’d change if you had the power (and the memory). What are things from your marketing past do you need to change? What marketing standard operating procedures would you get rid of?

The Death of Remarkability?

Paul Williams has written an excellent series of articles on word of mouth over at his Idea Sandbox. It was spurred on by his appearance on my podcast debunking the bunk of word of mouth. Paul says (and many other marketers) that word of mouth comes from being remarkable. That usually comes in the from of a remarkable experience. But the hype and frenzy by marketers over social media has taken the focus off remarkability and put it on conversation. This is putting the cart before the horse in my opinion and is a disservice to small business owners. I can’t help but wonder if social media is killing remarkability, or at least damaging it.


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